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The party game you know you wanted πŸ™‚

Eat my Shuriken or Die! is a pure and ultimately wholesome 2-4 player local couch party game without any clutter.

Now enhanced for PC!

Release trailer – September 2012

β€œThe amount of enjoyment we get from Eat my Shuriken and Die! is a retarded huge return on investment.”

Sock Candy – Let’s Play Eat my Shuriken and Die!

You’ll need to hunt down a shuriken before you get a single chance to sink it into your opponents throats!

First prototype trailer – June 2012

The chipmusic soundtrack is supplied by Daniel Johansson and consists of a curated selection from his “Skogens Djur” series of Amiga mods created under the name Coma of 3LE. The title theme is composed by fegolhuzz specifically for the game.

β€œI’m Tim the dragon!”

Gryffin Gaming – Let’s play Eat my Shuriken and Die!

The nine levels are either hand-drawn or pre-rendered and features force-fields that players can pass through while shurikens bounce off them, and teleporters through which both can travel for a sneaky surprise attack. The in-game characters differ only in appearance and their names are shamelessly stolen directly from the creators of the game itself in a twisted sense of not-so-much-humor.

Teaser trailer – September 2012

Eat my Shuriken and Die! only supports local multiplayer, has no single-player mode whatsoever and was originally made for consoles. It therefore requires Xbox or PS4 controllers though two players can use the keyboard in a pinch. Using Remote Play Together you can play against friends over the internet by streaming even though the game itself doesn’t support online multiplayer.

It features achievements and supports Steams Remote Play Together for all your self-isolation sofa-gaming solution.

Game gamepad and keyboard mapping